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today we are going to demonstrate how to properly clean a restroom utilizing our greening the cleaning products a restroom is an area that may need to be cleaned more than once a day depending on usage what you'll need our clinging toilet bowl cleaner spray disinfectant glass and window cleaner whole purpose cleaner and cream cleanser first make sure restroom is empty then close off your restroom by placing a wet floor sign outside the door next check all dispensers and fill if necessary empty trash cans and clean in and out of the receptacle with greeting the cleaning spray disinfectant for stubborn stains use the all-purpose cleaner next using a dusting tool to dust fence stalls and ledges you sport flinging toilet bowl cleaner under the rim of the toilet bowl and let's it spray disinfectant cleaner on the sinks toilet bowls fixtures urinals and walls wipe everything clean with a damp cloth or microfiber if water stains or mold are on the grout or porcelain use the cream cleanser to remove stains scrub the interior of the toilet bowl with a Johnny mop and flush product spray toilet bowl seat with reading the cleaning disinfectant and white clean Spray mirror with reading the cleaning glass and window cleaner and wipe clean with a clean dry cloth using a broom or dust mop sweep entire restroom floor before mopping use a putty knife remove any debris or gum that may be on the floor follow by wet mopping floor with properly diluted cleaning concentrate you can use reading the cleaning all-purpose cleaner diluted at 2 ounces per gallon of water wet mopping floor cutting in means mopping the floor edges and corners keeping the mop parallel to the wall cutting in is important because it eliminates splashing on the walls and baseboards splash marks would need to be wiped by hand it also controls the dirty buildup in the edges and corners mop the floor area using a figure 8 pattern overlapping each pass keep the heel of the mop on the floor at all times perform your inspection and make note of burned out lights dripping faucets for any maintenance items and report them to your supervisor you